triggers a phone call between your sales team and your prospect while they're still on your website, ready to learn about your business. It doesn't take a genius to know the faster you speak to a lead the more sales you will make. Talk With Lead connects you with leads in a matter of seconds whether your business of one or 500. Whether you're sitting at your desk in New York or relaxing on a beach in Hawaii. Talk With Lead transforms your business into one powerful sales machine complete with integrations to the most popular business applications. Simply connect any lead source including all your web landing and social media pages to your Talk With Lead account as leads come in, Talk With Lead forwards these calls to your cell phone, office phone or other members of your team before you answer, Talk With Lead whispers "Hello, to connect this call press 1" Talk With Lead then connects you with the lead while they're still online and engaged. Talk With Lead captures all of your activity in the account dashboard. Plus you'll receive an email and SMS Text Message alert after every call.

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Quickly launch a beautiful, mobile-ready real estate website. Includes everything you need to market online. IDX, Hosting, Blogging & Lead Capture.

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become one of them! is an application development company that builds iPad, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry 10 Applications. To meet the global increase in mobile technology and smartphones, our company decided to build Apps that would appeal to a wide range of individuals and companies. In order to build an App, individuals are faced with two roadblocks: building an app is too complicated and having someone else to develop an app for you can be expensive. We remove these roadblocks by simplifying the entire process of building Apps with our new publishing platform. All you need to do is provide us with the information that needs to be put in your App and we do the rest!

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become one of them! provides an optimal Internet presence for private users and small-to-medium businesses by offering a complete range of innovative, high-quality web solutions at value prices. Whatever your Internet requirements, from personal websites to dedicated servers and e-commerce sites for businesses, we have a complete solution to fit your needs. Some of our products are: domain name registration, web hosting, dedicated servers, e-commerce merchant account, online photo filer, search engines optimization, email marketing, fax thru email, blog and podcasting. is a plug-n-play real estate marketing platform that helps Realtors® market themselves and strengthen their client network by leveraging social media. Simply put, we make the process of developing and maintaining a social media presence EASY for Realtors.


Agent Tek Talk is a trusted channel that allows you to build a rapport with your audience. Our webinars are designed to showcase the ins and outs of the sponsor's product to the Agent Tek Talk audience of over 500,000 Real Estate Agents and Brokers across North America. We’re disciplined in delivering the very best tools for lead generation, awareness building, and leadership positioning – specifically webinars that deliver the bottom line results you want and deserve. Our webinars enable you to capture the attention of an audience in multiple ways unlike just about any other medium. You can integrate text, images, audio, video and even interactivity – without the high production costs associated with traditional media like broadcast / cable TV. Anyone can put together a webinar that’s compelling, persuasive, and focused on getting your message out to exactly the right customers. Agent Tek Talk has both the expertise and reach to attract just the right leads to your message.

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